Batch 1991 Committee Members

President: Mohammad Afzal Hossain Khan  Vice President: Riaz Ahmed                        Treasurer:  TBA (To be announce)              Yahoo Groups Administrator (IT):  Shahab Al Yamin Chawdhury (Shuvro)   IT Consultant: Azman Sami (Sami)     IT Consultant: Khandoker Zihid Alam (Zahid, NJ-USA)                                           Web designer & information: Afzal

The monthly getto organized by AFZAL in a smooth manner. Also group SMS send by MAHBUB  to our Boys mobiles. Each month 10 to 12 persons met. The number is getting bigger soon as more of us will gradually  informed. Our monthly getto will be soon converted to ''International Getto" one  time all over the world.             .....................................................

DExSA Meeting:

It was a historical day for all ex students of DGBHS. On 23rd of November 2007 seventy seven of us from 29 batches were gathered in Xindian Restaurant at road # 27 Dhanmondi for the first time in our schools history. We had with us super stars like Gazi Ashraf Hossain Lipu (B76), Zamil Bhai (B80), Monju Bhai (B79) and many more and nevertheless our young batches were the highlights of the meeting. On this meeting the name of our association “DGBHS Ex Students’ Association” in short (DExSA) were passed and we have a nick name “DBoys” or “DBoyz”. A 29 member steering committee is also formed. At this moment our main objective is to organize a re-union sometime middle of February 2008. 

Monthly Getto: December 28, 2009

Celebrating the get together of DGBHS91 groups. We have fun at PRINCE RESTAURANT.
Participants: Afzal, Baddy,Tomal, Zahid, Azad, Mahboob, Masum, Pappu & Monju are present.

Monthly Getto: December 12, 2008

Celebrating the Post EID get together of DGBHS91 groups. We have fun at FRIENDZ RESTAURANT.

Participants: Afzal,  Sami, Duke, Baddy, Muhid, Shuvro, Zahid and Tomal. Mrs. Afzal, Mrs. Shuvro & Mrs. Zahid alos present.

Monthly Getto: August 15, 2008

Celebrating the 5th Year Anniversary of DGBHS91 groups. We have fun at AL-BIKE RESTAURANT.

Participants: Afzal,  Sami, Mahbub, Duke, Baddy, Muhid,  Zahid Alam and Tomal.

Monthly Getto: May 2008


Participants: Afzal, Kazol, Sami, Druvo, Jahangir, Tomal,

Pappu, Zahid and Mahbub.

Zahid Ali took the group picture. Where  as Mahbub left the  party  earlier.





DEAR DOSTORA,                                                                                                     ADDA...ADDA....ADDA EK BISHAL ADDA.OUR UPCOMING GETTO WILL BE HELD AT THE FOLLOWING VENUE.PLS MAKE YOURSELF FREE AND JOIN THERE RIGHT ON TIME.                                                                                                                     VENUE:  AL-BIKE RESTAURANT, DATE: 1S MAY 2008 TIME: 7.00PM 

Monthly Getto: January 2008

We have recalled our old good memories and did lots of fun at RED TOMATO RESTAURANT

Participants: Afzal, Tomal, Shahed Ali, Turja, Babel, Shaown & Mahbub.

      Picture: January 2008

Vanue: RED TOMATO RESTAURANT at Dhanmondi Road # 27.
Date: 18th January 2008, Friday                                            Time: 8PM - 11PM
=========================================  Monthly Getto: November 2007

We have fun at RED TOMATO KETCHUP AND CHILI HOUSE RESTAURANT held on 8th December 2007. 

Participants: Kazol, Azad, Afzal, Tomal & Sami

                                       Picture: November 2007

Date: 8th December 2007, Saturday.                                        Time: 7.00PM


Monthly Getto: October 2007

We have chat, laugh and did lots of fun at XINDIAN RESTAURANT held on 27the October, Dhanmondi-27. 

Participants:  Afzal, Mahboob, Mehbub, Pial, Zahir, Tomal, Nurullal, Fida, Kazol, Belal and Hira.

                                       Picture: October 27th 2007

                                              Not Available


Monthly Getto: September 2007

@ Boomers Reataurent

Date : 13th September 2007